Can You Design Thunderstone?

Thunderstone Card Submission

We welcome your ideas for Thunderstone! Submit your best card ideas, be they single village cards, monster groups, etc. We will review, and there’s a chance your card ideas may show up in a future expansion of Thunderstone, with your name in the rulebook! You may submit as many ideas as you like at once, and may submit more if ideas come to you later.

  • When submitting heroes, please submit ideas for all levels. For monsters, please include all monsters in the set.

    Special Note! On May 20th we will choose the five designs we like the most up to that point, and those submitters will receive a FREE copy of the upcoming Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege expansion!

    Please read the agreement below and check that you agree before submitting your ideas.

  • I understand and agree to the following terms:
    Enclosed or attached artwork, storylines, character developments, card ideas and other intellectual property (collectively ‘work’) received by Alderac Entertainment Group (‘AEG’) is considered a gift and all of the donator’s rights, title and interest in and to the Work (including copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights) is freely given to AEG, and becomes the property of AEG. AEG is in no way responsible to consider the work or pay any transfer fees, licensing fees, royalties or any other considerations to the donor. AEG reserves the right to refine, alter or modify the Work at their discretion.

    Based on the above understanding I hereby enclosed the following work.