Towers of Ruin

Dark Towers Loom

You wake to a new world. yet even in the peaceful land of Tala, Doom’s corruption has spawned anew. Cast out of your own world, his power rises on countless others where Thunderstones have slumbered. Now, armed with shards of the shattered Heart of Doom, you race to awake this world to the eternal evil that once menaced your own.

Three towers, raised by malicious Thunderstone Bearers, loom over the ruined village of Baile Bhoid. Relentless hordes of undead spill from them to infest the land. Wicked djinn twist nature’s balance with cruel, dark flame. Dragons circle the mountain peaks of Ulgidoth. Can you rouse the peaceful people of Tala to face an evil like none they’ve ever known?

Begin a new adventure with Thunderstone Advance!

  • Learn to Play booklet gets you going right away 
  • Get to the dungeon fast with new cards
  • A two-sided game board for quick, smooth setup
  • Twice the challenge awaits in two dungeons
  • Familiars join the fight to aid your quest
  • Power new Thunderstone Bearers lurk in every dungeon


  • 11 New Heroes
  • 9 New Monster Groups
  • 19 New Village Cards
  • Dividers
  • Learn to Play Booklet
  • Rulebook
  • Game Board
  • XP Tokens

Towers of Ruin Previews:

Trusty old torch.