This year the 2016 AEG Black Box is going to be an event of world-twisting proportions. The Black Box contains one game, a game in development for a decade at AEG. A game unlike any you’ve played before.

That game is named Phase. In Phase, two-sided cards flip from front to back and from back to front creating combos and loops that are fun and unpredictable.

To get this game ask your retailer for the 2016 AEG Black Box. Phase is the only game in this year’s Black Box, and quantities are extremely limited.


The most recent Smash Up Expansion is Cease & Desist, on sale now!



Love Letter Premium releases in November, with preview sales at Essenspiel in October


The hit game of the summer is on sale now!


Releasing in November

Love Letter Premium is the Love Letter product for people who love Love Letter. Includes new cards, special heart-shaped affection tokens in a prestige box.

By Royal Decree is the third expansion for Dice City!

Letters & Seals is the second expansion for the award-winning Istanbul.

Treasure Lair is a competitive game of epic adventure.

2016 AEG Black Box this year contains just one game. That game is named Phase and it’s a mind-twisting combo-packed experience for Advanced Gamers!