“Nothing inspires creative thinking more than a lack of funds.” John Zinser In our early days this certainly seemed to be true.  At one point, about a year into publishing Shadis, Wizards of the Coast announced that they would be doing a unique card insert in all of the gameRead More →

What is the feeling I am feeling?  Is it envy, resentment, excitement, hope?   I woke up this morning to yet another thread on my Facebook feed with people talking about where they see Wingspan being sold.  This time it is Bed Bath and Beyond, of all places.  Retailers cannotRead More →

No story about the history of AEG would be complete without talking about my parents, family and friends who not only supported us, but also helped when we needed it most.   My dad, John (Big Z to most everyone who was his friend), did not understand my decision toRead More →

There is this great little card game out there called Plague and Pestilence.  I am not sure how big it was in the rest of the world, but in So Cal it was all the rage during the beginning of the CCG era.  I have been trying to track downRead More →