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Deard REckoning Gencon Special event Banner

Dead Reckoning: A Special Gen Con Event!

Ahoy Captains! How goes your adventures on the New Sea? Did ye blow any ships out of the water or plunder any good treasures? Aye, the sea can be hard. ’Tis why we have decided to call y’all in this big party we’re throwing.Read More →

A blue single sofa with a cat resting surrounded by a lot of plants used as background it has the Verdant game logo, Alderac Entertainment Group logo and Flatout Games logo

Verdant Announcement

Flatout Games and Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) announce AEG’s participation in
the production, international licensing, and retail sales of Verdant.Read More →

Dead Reckoning FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions answer by John D. Clair What does opponent’s ship in Pirate Mode prevent me from doing at an island. You cannot load or unload cargo/coins from the island. You cannot place or remove influence from the island. You cannot attack buildings on the island. You CAN produce.Read More →

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