AEG Channel Relationships

Alderac Entertainment Group sells its products through a variety of sales channels. Our primary channel is the 3-tiered distribution system for tabletop hobby game products used in North America and Europe. In this channel, AEG sells to an authorized Distributor, who in turn sells to approved Retailers, who sell to consumers.

AEG has contracts with its Distributors which require them to adhere to certain terms and conditions to remain eligible to order our products. This page provides information that they require in order to be in compliance with those terms.

AEG reserves the right to determine to whom our approved distributors may sell our products.  AEG provides our distribution partners with a House Accounts List and requires that they not do business with House Accounts unless authorized in writing beforehand by AEG.

We have set up policies that we use to determine if a retailer will become a House Account.

If you are interested in opening a Distributor account with AEG please email If you are a Retailer and you have questions about this information please email

Brand Protection Policies

AEG has set up the following Brand Protection Policy Guidelines so retailers who wish to carry AEG products know the expectations we have of a retailer who is representing our brands when offering to them to end consumers.  AEG will make every effort to inform retailers who are not following the guidelines and allow them the opportunity to make changes.  

Retailers AEG feels are not adhering to the policies or are somehow representing our brands in a way we do not feel is positive will be placed on our House Accounts List and permission for our authorized distributors to sell to those partners may be limited or revoked until AEG feels the problems have been resolved.  

Retail Experience

Retailers purchasing from our authorized distributors should maintain a brick & mortar physical store location as their primary venue for sales.

That location should be a clean, safe place that is family-friendly and provides staff that are knowledgeable about AEG games, and ideally also provides space for in store play of our games.

Inventory Management

Retailers purchasing from our authorized distributors should be ordering enough inventory to meet their immediate needs and not overstocking, leading to liquidations or using sales and discounting to reduce excess inventory.

Our authorized distributors will have sufficient supplies to fulfill most orders in a timely manner, and retailers should not feel the need to maintain a substantial inventory reserve.

Internet Retail

We know that many brick & mortar stores now offer on-line ordering as a convenience to their customers and AEG supports those efforts.

Retailers that generate a substantial portion of their revenue from on-line sales will automatically be on the House Account list, and individual agreements will be made with authorized distributors to service those accounts.

The determination of how much business comprises a “substantial portion” will be made by AEG on a case by case basis.

Minimum Advertised Price Policies

AEG has established Minimum Advertised Prices for all its games.

The Minimum Advertised Price is the lowest amount a retailer may display to consumers in online storefronts or email communications for AEG products while purchasing those products from an authorized distributor. If a retailer consistently displays a price below the Minimum Advertised Price policy in online storefronts or email communications, that retailer will become a House Account and will be required to purchase AEG products from AEG directly.

AEG will also make retailers who participate in group ordering programs and similar promotions whereby AEG products are offered to consumers at deep discounts from the Suggested Retail Price House Accounts.

The Minimum Advertised Price policy exists to ensure that AEG can protect the integrity and value of its brands. This policy applies to advertised prices. Retailers can offer any price they wish at the point of sale.

The current list of MSRP and MAP prices are available at this link.

House Accounts

Authorized AEG Distributors are restricted from selling AEG products to retail outlets identified by AEG as “House Accounts”. Before an authorized Distributor can sell to one of these accounts, that Distributor must have received written permission from AEG.

AEG distributors have access to this list and are informed when it its updated. Retailers may inquire with AEG to find out of they are on the list reason they have been made an AEG House Account.

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