Space Base at Home Rules

Want to join AEG for a Massively Multiplayer Space Base game on-line? Want to Host one yourself?

Here’s how to do it!


Space Base at Home requires a “Host” who will run the game, and 1 to 1 million “at home” players on-line to play along.

Get your copy of Space Base and remove two level 3 upgrades from the game; the U.E.S. Armstrong and the U.E.S. Gordon. Then set up your outposts and upgrade markets each with 4 cards (instead of the normal 6). Then, give yourself 5 gold, draw the top cards of the level 1 upgrade deck, pay for it, and add it to your base. Lastly, give yourself one more gold, because you (and all At-Home players) are considered to be “Player 2” for this game.

Set up the Reference board on the “Turn Side” with a marker/cube on the Turn 1 space. Make sure the board can be seen on your stream feed. Grab a 2 pairs of d6 and you are ready to go. If you want to play as well, also follow the At-Home player set-up.

Game Summary

The Host will roll for Players 1 and 3
The At-Home players roll for themselves as player 2.

Turn Order

The Host rolls for Player 1 and Player 3 and after rolling puts those dice on the reference board in the matching Player area on the reference board so that all players watching can see the dice. The At-Home players each roll for themselves when it’s player 2s turn.

If the roll is from the Host, players score as they do in a normal game on another player’s turn. If it’s an At-Home players roll, it is treated as being from that player.

If it’s an an At-Home players roll, players may purchase a card.

After Player 3 rolls, the host rolls 2d6 and references the chart on the reference
board, removing the last card in each market rolled. Then slide the cards down and fill in the rest of the tableau.

The Host then removes the dice from the board and advances the turn marker. if this moves the marker off the 11 spot, the Host flips the board over to the End Game Side (rules on next page). Either way go back to player 1 and keep rolling.

How long should the 2nd player’s turn be?

As the Host, try not to rush the At-Home players when they are buying cards. We suggest you give them ~45 seconds on turns 1-6, and up to 1 minute on turns after that. Feel free to chat during that time to keep your player’s engaged!

End Game Board

When on the end game board side, after each Player 1 and Player 3 roll, the Host will use a cube and cover up that roll on the right side of the board. If there is already a cube there, the game ends after the next Player 2’s turn (so players get one final turn after this).


After flipping the board over, the next Player 1 roll is a 5 and a 1. The Host puts the dice in the Player 1 area as normal, but also puts a cube on the 5-1 space.

This will happen after every player 1 and 3 roll until a number is rolled that already has a cube on it. At that point, the game will end after one more at home player’s turn.

More than 1 player at a single At-Home location

Sometimes there will be more than one player in a single location playing along with the Host. In this case, the At-Home players will all use
the same upgrade markets. Randomly give one of the players the “First Player” card from the game. This card just means that player gets the first opportunity to purchase a card when it’s the At-Home players turn. Markets will not refresh after that purchase, so the next player to act will have one less card to choose from.

After each turn, give the First Player card to the next player clockwise, so all players get a chance to buy first.

Note: All the At-Home players roll their own dice when it’s the At-Home player’s turn.

Reference Card “Turn Side”
Reference Card “End Game Side”

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