Our Mighty Micros!

Big Additions in Small Packages!

AEG’s Mighty Micros are small micro-expansions and promos that bring new and exciting ways to play the games you love!
Some may be single cards, others include new components and rules. All are available exclusively at alderacstore.com.

Tiny Towns: Tiny Trees

Tiny Trees adds new seed and tree tokens to Tiny Towns. Place your seed on an area of your board at the start of the game. If it is your only empty space at the end, it grows into a tree for big points!

Cover Card
1 Rule Card
Wooden Trees
Wooden Seeds
Monument Card

SKU: AEG7095
Weight: 1.00 Ounces

Mystic Vale: Evergreen

Return to the vale with Evergreen. New advancements and vales, as well as Conclaves for Twilight Garden and Harmony are included!

18 Advancements
  4 Vale Cards
13 Conclaves
  2 Reference cards

SKU: AEG7065
Weight: 3.90 Ounces

Valley of the Kings: Necropolis

Valley of the Kings: Necropolis adds a new Grave Goods set of artifact cards with all-new abilities. For the Valley of the Kings: Premium Edition

Rules Cards
14 Artifact Cards (Grave Goods)
  6 Unique Cards
10 Pharaoh Cards
  2 Randomizer Cards

SKU: AEG8075
Weight: 3.60 Ounces

Space Base: Biodome

Space Base: Biodome adds the new Hypernet craft, which can be placed in any sector instead of an assigned sector!

24 Colony cards
12 Ship cards
  3 Rules cards

SKU: AEG5899
Weight: 1.00 Ounces

Cat Lady: Kittens

A new litter of kittens have arrived to Cat Lady.  The new kittens sure are cute, but they are still growing and have a lot to learn about the world. Maybe they will bond with one of your adult cats who can show them the ropes and share their food.

Kitten Cards
Stray Cats

Well, one of the stray cats is actually a dog, but he’s super well-behaved and will love all of your feline friends.

SKU: AEG5898
Weight: 1.45 Ounces

Smash Up: Sheep

These are the AEG Sheep!

One Plastic Sheep Divider
20 Faction Cards
  2 Base Cards

SKU: AEG5554
Weight: 2.00 Ounces

Smash Up: Penguins

This is the 2019 promotional Smash Up Faction – the Penguins!

One Plastic Penguin Divider
  1 One Titan Card
20 Faction Cards
  2 Base Cards


SKU: AEG5898
Weight: 1.45 Ounces

Smash Up: Titans

This is the package of Titans from the 2018 Titan Event Kit. It is not the whole kit, just the Titans.

Titans Cards

Weight: 2.00 Ounces

Smash Up: Penguins

The next Smash Up Faction – the Goblins! Goblins bring chaos, insanity, silliness… in a semi-controlled way. Goblins use coin flips to… wait, no, don’t go to another listing, listen! They have ways of manipulating their coin flips, and many times either result is good. You don’t get to be the boss of a mob of insane pyromaniacs without some level of control…

One Plastic Goblin Divider
20 Faction Cards
  2 Base Cards

SKU: AEG5898
Weight: 1.45 Ounces

Smash Up: Knights of the Round Table

Grab your coconuts and head for Camelot!

One Plastic Knights of the Round Table Divider
Faction Cards
Base Cards

SKU: AEG5568
Weight:  2.00 Ounces

Santa Monica: Long Weekend

The Long Weekend adds fun events to the city of Santa Monica.

Event Setup Cards
14 Event Cards
  1 Scrolling Objective Tile
  1 Small Tree Token

SKU: AEG8074
Weight: 3.39 Ounces

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