AEG is proud to work with some of the greatest designers in the gaming world. These designers represent the cutting edge in creativity, entertainment and fun. Each of them brings a unique sense of style and design emphasis to the work they do. It’s our greatest pleasure to share some of their games with you under the AEG logo!

Vangelis Bagiartakis

Vangelis is the designer of Dice City, Oath of the Brotherhood, and The Master’s Trials – Wrath of Magmaroth. He has also designed Among the Stars, and Fields of Green,

Board Game Geek: Vangelis Bagiartakis

Trevor Benjamin

Trevor is designer for War Chest, and Dice Heist, and Light & Dark for AEG.

Board Game Geek: Trevor Benjamin

Antonios (“Tony”) Cimino

Tony is the designer of Oath of the Brotherhood. He also designed Wrong Chemistry and Timestreams.

Board Game Geek: Antonios (“Tony”) Cimino

John D. Clair

John is the designer of Mystic Vale, Custom Heroes, Space Base and Edge of Darkness. He is also the designer of Downfall and Rumble Pie. In 2017, Mystic Vale was awarded the ORIGINS Award and the Gamer’s Choice for Best New Traditional Card Game.

Board Game Geek: John D. Clair

Tom Cleaver

Tom is the designer of The Valley of the Kings (including Afterlife and Last Rites).

Board Game Geek: Tom Cleaver

Rüdiger Dorn

Rüdiger is the designer of Istanbul. He has also designed Arkadia. Asante, Genoa, Goa, and Jambo.

Board Game Geek: Rüdiger Dorn

Matthew Dunstan

Matthew is the designer of Scorpius Freighter. He has also designed Costa Rica, and Elysium.

Board Game Geek: Matthew Dunstan

Mike Elliott

Mike is the designer of Thunderstone and Agent Hunter. Mike has also designed Duel Masters, Kaijudo, Neopets, Quarriors! and Dice Masters,  In 2017, Mike was inducted into the Academy of Adventure Game Arts & Design’s Hall of Fame.

Board Game Geek: Mike Elliott

Bruno Faidutti

Bruno is co-designer of Greedy Kingdoms for AEG, and Mystery of the Abbey, Citadels, Queen’s Necklace, Diamant, Mission: Red Planet, Ad Astra and Masquerade with other publishers.

Board Game Geek: Bruno Faidutti

Richard Garfield

Richard is the designer of Greedy Greedy Goblins. He has also designed Jyhad (aka Vampire The Eternal Struggle), the BattleTech TCG, King of New York / King of Tokyo, Netrunner, RoboRally, and many other games. Oh … and Magic: The Gathering. In 1999, Richard and Magic were inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design’s Hall of Fame.

Board Game Geek: Richard Garfield

Asger Harding Granerud

Asger designed Inner Compass. He also designed Deep Blue and Flamme Rouge.

Board Game Geek: Asger Harding Granerud

Elizabeth Hargrave

Elizabeth is the designer of Mariposas. She has also designed the Kennerspiel winning Wingspan.

Board Game Geek: Elizabeth Hargrave

Hope S. Hwang

Hope is the designer of Guildhall. He also designed Sherlock 13.

Board Game Geek: Hope S. Hwang

Seiji Kanai

Seiji is the designer of Love Letter, Unicornus Knights, Cheaty Mages, Eight Epics, Lost Legacy, Mai Star, and Say Bye to the Villains.

Board Game Geek: Seiji Kanai

Hiroki Kasawa

Hiroki is the designer of Magical Treehouse.

Board Game Geek: Hiroki Kasawa

Hayato Kisaragi

Kisaragi is the designer of Greedy Kingdoms.

Board Game Geek: Hayato Kisaragi

Chris Leder

Chris is the designer of Trainmaker. He’s also the designer of City of Gears.

Board Game Geek: Chris Leder

Wei-Ming Ling

Wei-Ming is the designer of Walking in Burano. He also designed Planet Defenders and Trial of the Temples.

Board Game Geek: Wei-Min Ling

Peter McPherson

Peter is the designer of Tiny Towns.

Board Game Geek: Peter McPherson

Bryan Merlonghi

Bryan is the designer of Cutthroat Kingdoms.

Board Game Geek: Bryan Merlonghi

Ryan Miller

Ryan is the designer of Fantahzee. He has also designed Epic PVP, and Valerian the Alpha Missions.

Board Game Geek: Ryan Miller

Daniel Skjold Pedersen

Daniel is the designer of Inner Compass. He has also designed Deep Blue.

Board Game Geek: Daniel Skjold Pedersen

Paul Peterson

Paul is the designer of Smash Up.  He is also the designer of Guillotine, and he shares design credit for Clout, Apocrypha and The Ninth World.

Board Game Geek: Paul Peterson

David Short

David is the designer of Scorpius FreighterAutomobiles, Planes and the Destination Fun Combo Pack. He is also the designer of Backyard Builders Treehouse.

Board Game Geek: David Short

JT Smith

JT is the designer of The Captain is Dead.

Board Game Geek: JT Smith

David Thompson

David is the designer of War Chest for AEG.

Board Game Geek: David Thompson

Josh Wood

Josh is the designer of Cat Lady for AEG.

Board Game Geek: Josh Wood