The following items and prices will be the specifications for Alpha Store orders for Meeples & Monsters:

Terms & Conditions

We’re now able to share with you the pricing that we are going to offer for Alpha Stores for this line.

At this time we do not have a firm plan to take this game into the wholesale channel in the US. When we do, we believe the MSRP will be substantially higher than the Kickstarter Reward price, and the retail SKU will not include the Towers content and the meeples will likely not be painted.

We will have more information about the retail release of the game in 2022.

Terms & Conditions
Items may not be resold online (may be offered for in-store pickup, curbside delivery, or local area delivery; may not be listed on Amazon or eBay)

Buyer assumes responsibility for loss or theft of packages. Deliveries should be made to a commercial address which can be accepted by a human when delivered. Packages left on doorsteps, loading docks, or porches are not the responsibility of AEG.

AEG will be responsible for replacing products that suffer meaningful damage during delivery; if your package arrives damaged please keep all packaging and take pictures of the box especially the outer carton and any damaged components. Unsupported damage claims will not be our responsibility.

Base Game
Identical in all respects to the “Hero Pledge: Game and Upgrades!” Reward.

US Alpha Store Orders: $210

  • US Alpha Stores use this SKU to order
  • Case of 6 units
  • Delivery inside the continental United States only
  • Shipping & Handling included
  • Delivery will be at the same time as Kickstarter Rewards are fulfilled

Alpha Stores Outside the United States: TBD

  • We have decided to work with our global wholesale network to make this SKU available to stores outside the United States
  • At this time we do not have any wholesale agreements confirmed for Meeples & Monsters
  • We will update the Alpha Stores as wholesaler agreements are finalized in each region
  • There will be no wholesale sales of the Kickstarter Reward in the United States

Multiple Store Orders
If you are a buyer for multiple stores we will enable you to buy quantities in multiples as well; please contact [email protected] to arrange to have your order modified by our team.

Timing of Orders
The Meeples & Monsters KS Reward product will be available for order for US Alpha Stores while supplies last. If we sell out of the current Alpha Store allocation and we have time, we’ll increase the production run to facilitate more orders. You will have at least 2 months from today to get your orders in before that window closes; after that point, if we sell out of the Alpha Store allocation we may not be able to increase the allocation.