The Psion The Psion is a lot of fun to use in game. The Psion allows you to take a number of cards equal to the number of Psions you have in play from one of your opponent’s chapters and put those cards in your Guildhall and then put theRead More →

The Spellblade The as a Ranger is to a Druid, or a Paladin is a to Cleric, the Spellblade is to the Wizard/Sorcerer.  The Spellblade fulfills a Warrior slot for Guildhall Fantasy: Alliance, and is a young man of massive potential. The Star burst is the chosen totem of theRead More →

The Wizard The Wizard is one of the pieces of art that we are most proud of for Guildhall Fantasy. In general, everyone does wizards as old men, based on Gandalf in one way or another, or they do them as young women, carrying cheesecake or young men carrying beefcake.Read More →

The Shaman Everybody loves card draw! Originally appearing in Job Faire the Shaman brings some card draw to Alliance. When compared to the Druid, the Shaman actually allows for more draw but at the cost of having to return some cards back to the top of the deck. This allowsRead More →

The Assassin With the Assassin, Erik wanted an someone that could kill you with a kiss from a thousand feet away. Our Assassin is adorned with various weapons that she can use to fulfill her mission. From the long-range crossbow and quiver full of bolts, to her multitude of daggers,Read More →

The Marshall  The Marshall is tactical genius, a master of the battlefield and his specialties lie not in swinging his halberd, but in commanding his troops and companions in coordinated efforts to overcome their foes. The Marshall originally appeared in the original Guildhall: Old World Economy, as the Farmer. InRead More →