Convention Team Signup Form

AEG is looking forward to resuming our convention schedule and we need help. We are building our list of people interested in joining us at shows to teach games and answer questions; we call this group the Convention Team. This is not an offer of employment. People who participate in our Convention Team program do not receive compensation and are not members of the AEG staff.

We’re looking for people who are interested in helping for several hours each day. You may be provided with AEG logo’d apparel to wear while helping and we request that you do so. You’ll be provided with a plan showing when we would like to have you arrive at our booth to help and when it will be likely that your time of helping will end. You may be asked to help with tasks other than teaching games such as set up or take down of the booth, moving boxes from storage to the booth, managing lines and queues, assembling orders for pickup, etc. You are not obligated to undertake any task and you are free to leave the booth area at any time.

With the current state of things as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 we are instituting a few additions to our qualifications for applicants to our Convention Team.  

This year, to be part of the team you will need:

  • To be willing to wear a face mask (not neck gaiter) in the event the venue requires them
  • And you will need to provide the AEG Events Manager with proof of having received the Covid-19 vaccination. 

To be considered for our Convention Team we have several prerequisites:

  • A referral from a local game store or existing Convention Team Member.
  • A friendly, outgoing personality
  • A strong grasp of AEG’s game line
  • Experience teaching games to others
  • The ability to handle multiple game tables simultaneously
  • Be willing to and have the time for learning the new games prior to the convention
  • Be able to stand for long periods of time and walk long distances
  • Wear nice jeans, belt and closed-toe shoes to while you are in our booth
    • For safety and branding reasons everyone who is on the Convention Team will be wearing these articles of clothes; if you aren’t able to wear this kind of attire you may be asked to leave the booth area 
  • Be available on site from Wednesday at 1:00 PM – Sunday 4:00 PM.

Please note that the Convention Team uses a private Facebook group for communications and training and your ability to access that group will be a factor in determining if we will be able to have you join us on the Convention Team.

People who help us on the Convention Team may be provided with some benefits as our gift to you for your help. Typically these gifts include:

  • A shared ¼ hotel room with roommates assigned by the Events Manager.
  • Company shirts to wear during working hours.
  • A four-day Convention Badge.
  • A Pre-Convention Team Dinner and Game Play Session

From time to time AEG also provides reimbursement in advance for meals taken during the event, in an amount and at the discretion of the AEG staff.

Are you interested in becoming part of our Convention Team?

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