Phase is a game for Advanced Players!

It’s a throwback to an earlier time in the evolution of collectible card games where players were constantly finding ways to make the cards do things the designers did not anticipate – creating infinite loops, generating unlimited damage, drawing every card in a deck, etc.

In Phase you play with a deck of two-sided cards. Cards “Phase” from side to side as you play meaning that at any time a cascade of Phasing can totally transform the board. A strong offense can convert to a strong defense, or vice versa with sudden speed.

Phase has been delivered in a ready-to-play box containing more than 300 cards, suitable for 2-5 players. Individual players might want to buy their own copies of Phase so they can assemble even more complex and strategic decks.

Phase was the only product included in this years AEG Black Box 2016. Ask your retailer for either Phase or the Black Box to get your copy TODAY!

By special arrangement we have partnered with DriveThru Cards to enable you to make your very own totally legal Phase cards!

At DriveThru Cards you can mix and match any cards in the Phase system, making your own custom selection of two-sided Phase cards.

These cards can be used in any Phase play format from casual to competitive. And we expect you to find all sorts of clever ways to break the game as a result. Boy howdy, do we!

Read the Phase Rulebook! (6MB PDF)

Game Info

Players: 2-5

Ages: 14+

Playing Time:  30-90 min


  • 306 Double-sided Tarot-sized cards
  • 150 Tarot Sized Sleeves
  • Punchboard tokens
  • Rulebook

Retailer Info

Phase is the game inside the AEG Black Box 2016. The Black Box is sleeved, and the Black Box sleeve can be removed to expose the Phase packaging at the retailer’s discretion.

SKU: AEG 5870
UPC: 7-29220-05870-6
MSRP: $49.99
Case Count: 6



TL;DR : I really like it. It is very cerebral. Think Magic meets The Duke. If you like Magic but don’t want to buy cards forever, I recommend it. — /u/teelap on Reddit