In 2017 Everyone Will Be Smashing Up!

We have a TON of awesome Smash Up coming to you this year!  Want to know more?  Good because you can see it all right now!


Smash Up: What Were We Thinking? 

This set brings you Explorers, Grannies, Rock Stars and Teddy Bears! These factions bring a mix of strategies from classic cards to base control. What Were We Thinking? will be in stores in March!


Smash Up All-Stars event kit!

This event will give you the chance to get the new “All-Stars” faction. This faction is a specifically chosen mix of existing Smash Up minions and actions that have formed an all-star team.  To play basketball… in Space!   Because that’s their Jam. 

To get the All-Stars talk to your local retailer. They can order the All-Stars Event Kit from their distributor to host an afternoon of Smash Up at their store. The All-Stars decks are included as prizes in the Event Kit.

A great addition to your collection and a awesome way to introduce new people to Smash Up.

All Year

Play Smash Up on your computer with Nomad Games and AEG’s Smash Up Digital!

At the moment you can play with three factions for free on the PC as it’s currently in Steam early access. It includes a great tutorial which will help new players to Smash Up learn how to play both the digital and the boxed version. 

It’s out this spring on PC, iOS and Android!

Visit Steam to get the game and check out all the new content coming out regularly from Nomad!


Smash Up: Big in Japan!

You may have heard of our lines of Japanese import games coming out this summer, like Unicornus Knights and Sakura Arms.  Well Smash Up couldn’t be left out, so you’ll have four incredible factions from the far east.  


Introducing SHEEP! 

The “give us your information and get a free faction… faction.”

The first Sheep Survey is closed.  We are now processing requests.

Shipping expected to begin in mid-November for delivery in December of 2017 and January of 2018.

Smash-Up Sheep obediently and harmlessly follow other minions around from base to base.  (Then they mercilessly crush their opponents with a wave of minions no one can stop). So in this case its good to be a sheep!

We’re looking forward to a smashing 2017 of Smash Up!  Come visit us at shows and conventions throughout the year!

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