The Premium Sleeves produced for AEG’s first Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter campaigns were no longer available when we ran our second campaign; we were made aware of this after the fact. In fulfillment for the second campaign sleeves from the 1st were mixed with the sleeves from the 2nd meaning some backers got a mixture of both sizes, some got all 1st generation sleeves and some got all 2nd generation sleeves.

1st Generation sleeves are 66mm x 91mm. 2nd Generation sleeves are about 1mm smaller in both dimensions.

Unequal Sleeve Size

(hat tip to David aka Bayonet Recon on BGG for this image)

As a result, backers who purchased 1st generation Premium Sleeves from us in the first two campaigns cannot get more to continue sleeving their sets of cards as we release additional content. For some backers, the difference is meaningful enough that they want to replace their 1st generation sleeves with 2nd generation sleeves so they have a consistent sleeve size for all their cards.

We have offered two rounds of replacement sleeves to those backers. We intend to make a third offer soon. In order to do so, we need to complete the fulfillment of the 2020 campaign, Enemies Among Us, including the German Language Edition which still has not arrived in Europe as of late April. Once fulfillment of that campaign is finished, we will recall all the sleeves from our depots around the world to our main warehouse in Tennessee, conduct a physical count of those sleeves to ensure we know how many we have, and then we’ll be able to offer to replace sleeves for our backers who require replacements.

Our best ETA for this currently is in the summer of 2022 – sometime after the first week of June at the earliest but timing will be dependent on the fulfillment of the German Language edition of the game to European backers.

When we are ready we will communicate with the backers of the first and second Kickstarters via email with details on how the replacement process will work and what quantities will be available for each backer. We will also Update those campaigns via Kickstarter and we’ll make a note on, the page where we track all activity for our Kickstarter campaigns. Until we have transmitted those notices we don’t have any additional information to share on the timing of this offer.

We appreciate the patience of all the affected backers and we apologize again for the confusion this may have caused.

If you purchased all your Premium Sleeves in the campaigns for New Horizons, or Enemies Among Us, or plan to buy sleeves in the Deepwoods Defender campaign running in May, all of those sleeves are identical in size and you do not have to be concerned about this issue.

If you have comments or concerns about this process please email and we’ll be happy to reply.