Fulfillment is complete for the first Edge of Darkness Kickstarter. We are still waiting to get confirmation of the completion of deliveries and tracking numbers from the Asian Depot. If you have any questions or concerns please email kickstarter@alderac.com.

Edge Of Darkness Returns to Kickstarter on September 23rd at 9:00am (Pacific)

The Cliffs of Coldharbor Expansion will deliver 12 new Locations and their Contact/Threat advancements to the battle against the Blight. This campaign will feature a special $400k Stretch Goal to add Advance Guild Packs to each Cliffs of Coldhabor Reward – featuring asymmetric Guild powers and a special Guild-only Location for each player!

Backers can also receive the original Guildmaster Reward, with Expedited Delivery in November for backers in the US, Canada, EU + UK, Norway & Switzerland.

The campaign will feature Add-ons including the Sands of Dunestar expansion, the Metal Coins and the extra-extra Premium Sleeves.

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A Card Crafting, Worker Placement, Shared Deckbuilding Game of War Against the Blight

The City of Aegis faces the forces of darkness, terror, and monstrous attack collectively known as the Blight.

Four Guilds vie for leadership of the city. One will rule. The others will fall. If Aegis is to survive.

Based on a design by John D. Clair, a new chapter in the story of the world from the ORIGINS Award Winning Mystic Vale

Edge of Darkness Rules

Player’s Handbook

Solo Play Rules

Sands of Dunestar Rulebook

In Edge of Darkness two to four players take on the roles of Guild Leaders who control the political, economic, and defensive power of Aegis, seeking to subjugate their rivals and become masters of the City and defeat the threat of the Blight.

  • Your Guildhall is where you track your assets such as the Agents you have trained to do your bidding, the Influence you have earned from your political connections, the Coin in your coffers and the Reputation your guild accumulates in the battle against the Blight.
  • You and your rival Guild Masters face an ascendant menace. Danger rises and the Blight summons its forces through the Threat Tower. The Guilds are all that stand between this terrible power and the innocent people of Aegis.
  • Each turn you will draft cards that represent your connection to the City and its people, using your Influence to affect which cards you draft.
  • You will enhance your connection to Aegis by Crafting new card enhancements. These enhancements are double-sided – the player side represents new capabilities and the Blight side represents the growing threat to Aegis. Using your cards you will deploy your trained Agents to utilize the resources and capabilities of the City.
  • You may choose to send your Agents to the lair of evil taking the fight directly to the enemy – but be ever vigilant for if the darkness can launch an attack you will need Agents deployed to the defense to hold them off.