AEG is committed to Kickstarter. Kickstarter has become one of our key channels to build our community and to bring great new games to our players. Each of our Kickstarter Campaigns is crafted to deliver a great value and a great gaming experience, and an interesting and engaging experience for our Backers.

A Note About COVID-19:
At this point we are anticipating a lot of disruptions in daily life due to the coronavirus outbreak. Not only are people being asked to shelter in place, but orders for daily staples via ecommerce are skyrocketing which is going to put a strain on the parcel delivery services we use to deliver your orders. Warehouses are also places that can be difficult to keep in a safe and sanitized condition and we expect that closures will occur throughout the logistics chain. Ships may be impacted by enhanced quarantines and customs procedures. These are all “known unknowns”; we can’t really predict how things like this will impact delivery but we can predict there will be some effects. Our commitment to you is that we’ll do our best to continue to communicate any meaningful and material changes which may arise as we work through this process.

Update 25 May 2020:

Fulfillment for Cliffs of Coldharbor continues. We have identified a problem that affects about 200 backers for Expedited orders of the base game; those backers received duplicate shipments and we’re working on a plan to address that. We will be contacting affected individuals via email. If you have not received a duplicate shipment, you are not affected.

US fulfillment is nearly complete. We believe more than half of EU fulfillment is complete and we’re expecting an update about that later this week. Fulfillment in Australia/New Zealand and Asia is currently in process but we don’t have a progress report yet.

We will not have tracking numbers to share until fulfillment is complete at each Depot. As they arrive this message will be updated.

If you have issues or concerns about your Reward please email

28 March 2020:

Rather than wait until every component is completed manufacturing and assembly and is packed and ready to leave for the Depots before we start integration with the global logistics systems we are going to do both of those activities in parallel.

That means we’re going to close & lock the pledge manager orders for Kickstarter Rewards and for Late Pledges on Monday, March 30th. On that day we’ll be exporting the data in our system and creating the database that we transmit to the logistics system. If you need to change your address, for a July delivery, do it NOW!

Status of the International Thunderstone Kickstarter

We are working with our partners on non-English versions of Thunderstone Quest. The situation in China has caused us to place this project on temporary hold while we refactor our delivery schedule. At this time, we do not have a firm date for when this Kickstarter will run.

Status of “To the Barricades for 2020 Delivery”

We originally planned to print more units of To the Barricades with the International Thunderstone Quest Rewards. Since that Kickstarter is now on hold, we are going to evaluate the cost to do a short run of these components as a stand-alone production job. Since the estimate of the cost and timing for that job is dependent on the re-opening of the Chinese factories we currently do not know if it is feasible or what the timing of those deliveries will be. We will continue to keep you advised as to our plans with regard to those components.

If you had placed an order for the 2020 delivery of To the Barricades you can cancel that order without penalty. Please email for assistance.

Status of the Premium Sleeve Issue

Our intention was to physically inspect the sleeves in the warehouse in Tennessee and make absolutely certain that we had a hard count of the total number of sleeves in both the original configuration and the current configuration so that we could begin making offers to backers who might want to buy or replace sleeves. Due to the current conditions, our staff is not doing any business travel so those plans are still on hold.

Later this year when the current situation normalizes, we will move quickly to conduct that hard count and make new information available to any backer who needs that information.

Valley of the Kings was upgraded to Premium in this Kickstarter. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of September 2019.

Thunderstone Quest went Back to the Dungeon for its 2nd Kickstarter campaign. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of June of 2019.

Edge of Darkness is the most complex tabletop game AEG has ever published. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of September 2019.

Thunderstone Quest from AEG marked our first Kickstarter campaign and the return of one of our best selling game lines. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of March 2018.