AEG is committed to Kickstarter. Kickstarter has become one of our key channels to build our community and to bring great new games to our players. Each of our Kickstarter Campaigns is crafted to deliver a great value and a great gaming experience, and an interesting and engaging experience for our Backers.

A Note About COVID-19:
At this point we are anticipating a lot of disruptions in daily life due to the coronavirus outbreak. Not only are people being asked to shelter in place, but orders for daily staples via ecommerce are skyrocketing which is going to put a strain on the parcel delivery services we use to deliver your orders. Warehouses are also places that can be difficult to keep in a safe and sanitized condition and we expect that closures will occur throughout the logistics chain. Ships may be impacted by enhanced quarantines and customs procedures. These are all “known unknowns”; we can’t really predict how things like this will impact delivery but we can predict there will be some effects. Our commitment to you is that we’ll do our best to continue to communicate any meaningful and material changes which may arise as we work through this process.

August 4th 2020

Thanks to all who backed this campaign!

The Pledge Manager is now open for Kickstarter Backers to finalize their orders. If you did not receive the email from Crowdox you can use this link to access your order.

If you missed the campaign you can make a Late Pledge here!

The Pledge Manager will close no earlier than September 30, 2020.

Any questions or concerns please email

This campaign has been successfully fulfilled.

Edge of Darkness Fall 2020 Kickstarter Delayed

We teased you with a postcard telling you something was coming for Edge this year – and we’re going to extend that tease a little bit longer. Due to various disruptions and challenges during this unusual year we’re making the call to push the next Edge of Darkness Kickstarter forward into the first quarter of 2021. We’ll have a lot more information about the future of Edge at that time. For now we hope you all enjoy experiencing Cliffs of Coldharbor!


We are aware that some backers have received rewards damaged in shipping.

We have published Update #28 today which explains our plan to address these issues. Please read this Update before contacting Customer Service regarding damages due to shipping.

December 18th 2020

All orders in the system have shipped and been delivered except approximately 200 orders that are waiting for the arrival of additional Champion and/or To The Barricades components. All of the backers affected by that delay have been notified via email.

Valley of the Kings was upgraded to Premium in this Kickstarter. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of September 2019.

Thunderstone Quest went Back to the Dungeon for its 2nd Kickstarter campaign. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of June of 2019.

Edge of Darkness is the most complex tabletop game AEG has ever published. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of September 2019.

Thunderstone Quest from AEG marked our first Kickstarter campaign and the return of one of our best selling game lines. This campaign has been successfully fulfilled as of March 2018.