The Bandits of Blackrock have taken a hostage. They demand tribute or the young woman’s life is forfeit. It is time to light the signal fires and assemble a party to end this threat once and for all. And we need your help.

Kickstarter Big First Day

The Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter begins on Tuesday February 21st. We want to make sure that Launch Day is as big as possible and that means being in communication with as many potential backers as we can.

Goal: Facebook Likes

We need to get the number of Likes on the Thunderstone Quest Facebook Page and Thunderstone Facebook Ads to 6,000 before the 21st of February.

Current Count: COMPLETED!

Goal: Newsletter Signups

We need to get the number of signups to our Thunderstone Mailing List up to 2,500 before the 21st of February.

Current Count: COMPLETED!

The Stakes

Succeeding in our quest will unlock The Bandits of Blackrock, a special mini-Quest for all Kickstarter Backers!

A group of bandits have plagued travelers by robbing caravans along the Black Rock Pass for far too long. Guards from the surrounding towns have attempted to catch them but none have been able to locate their hideout.

Now they have become too brazen. Recently, they attacked a merchant caravan, leaving a lone survivor who managed to escape to Thunderstone Keep with word of the attack. But the news is worse than that. In the raid, the Bandits captured a young woman and have taken her back to their lair.

Needless to say, this will not stand with the residents of the Keep.

What do the Bandits of Black Rock want with this maiden? And can you apprehend them?

The Bandits of Black Rock make up part of a special small expansion for Thunderstone Quest that you can unlock and add to the Kickstarter campaign BEFORE the launch on February 21st!

The mini expansion includes:

  • 5 new Monsters (The Bandits of Black Rock) (10 total cards)
  • 1 new Hero (14 total cards)
  • 1 new Weapon (8 total cards)
  • 1 new Spell (8 total cards)
  • 1 new Item (8 total cards)

That’s 48 total cards! Just for helping more gamers know about Thunderstone Quest! So get out there and get your friends to sign up. Help end the terror from the Bandits of Black Rock and keep Thunderstone Keep safe!

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