The Classic Game of Power, Money, Intrigue and Revolution

POWER! Do you have enough influence and Pesos to become the new President of the República de las Bananas?

Money! Pesos for bribes, Pesos for assassinations. How will you get enough of those nice little bills to pay for your political wheeling and dealing? With the Monarchists on your side, you surely can figure something out …

INTRIGUE! Pay a little money for an assassination to gain a lot more – you need only to guess correctly where the other members of the government are hidden!

REVOLUTION! Your assassins may not have been successful, but a group of misguided students in front of the Presidential Palace convinced you that the current regime is unbearable. Get ready to start a Coup and free the República de las Bananas of its corrupt leaders. Will the rebels choose you as their next President, or will you be sent to the firing squad at dawn?


Welcome back to the beautiful island of the República de las Bananas! Despite years of revolution, nothing has really changed here: players are members of a corrupt junta filling their pockets as quickly and as efficiently as possible (thanks to the constant stream of foreign aid money coming in). Your methods are ruthless: players are plotting against each other, buying votes, hiring assassins, and blowing up buildings—and, from time to time, starting a coup against the president to hopefully become the new president.

Junta: Las Cartas provides the full experience of its big brother Juntain a compact card game format. At the same time, it is the perfect entry point for newcomers to the Junta universe!

Junta Classic Boardgame

JUNTA is a game of power, intrigue, money and revolution in a fictional banana republic. It is everything but nice: The players lie, betray each other, embezzle, and assassinate the members of the other families to transfer millions of Pesos of foreign aid money to their bank accounts – which are conveniently located in Switzerland.

Download the Junta rulebook Part One / Part Two

Junta Las Cartas

  • Fast play and brutally competitive
  • Know when to win over your opponents and when to assassinate them!
  • Easy to learn.

Read the Junta Las Cartas Rulebook!


Game Info

2-7 players
Ages 14+
120 minutes playtime


1 game board
114 cards
97 markers
96 play money bills
6 dice
1 rulebook

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SKU: AEG 5829
UPC: 7-29220-05829-4
MSRP: $39.99
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Game Info

3-6 Players
Ages 14+
45 minutes playtime


114 game cards
6 reference cards
1 rulebook

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SKU: AEG 7017
UPC: 7-29220-07017-3
MSRP: $19.99
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