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A Full Look at Worlds Collide!

By Todd Rowland, October 15, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

A full look at Worlds Collide is now online.  Worlds Collide brings  many of the best cards of the original Thunderstone into Thunderstone: Advance.  Visit the product page to learn more!

By Todd Rowland, December 13, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

This week Thunderstone expert Will Baker takes a look at the new Numenera hero “Learned” and how you can best use him in your quest to claim the Thunderstone!

By Todd Rowland, December 6, 2013 Comments Off Uncategorized

Designing for one of the most popular games in the deck-building genre is a fickle, but rewarding, beast. When you start out you keep it basic, to establish the line. After a while though, you get to play mad scientist… Read More »

All New Thunderstone Starter Set!

By Todd Rowland, April 3, 2013 Comments Off News

Coming this summer is the all-new Thunderstone Advance: Starter Set.  This set includes just enough for new players to get started in the world of Thunderstone Advance, as well as brand new cards for experienced players.  Visit our Starter Set… Read More »

Root of Corruption of GFBR’s House Rules

By jquick, January 12, 2013 Comments Off News

I’m not saying we set out to corrupt episode 51 of Giant Fire Breathing Robot’s House Rules podcast. But once a Thunderstone enters the picture, its enticements can be too hard to resist. Perhaps host Drew Massey has felt the… Read More »