Dead Reckoning: A Special Gen Con Event!

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To get the party sailing swiftly ‘cross the New Sea, we need ye to bring yer copy of Dead Reckoning to this special event. The game is so popular that we’ve sold all our available stock and so the only way we can share the love of this game is to ask you to help us by bringing your own copy of the game to the show!

Ahoy Captains!

How goes your adventures on the New Sea? Did ye blow any ships out of the water or plunder any good treasures? Aye, the sea can be hard. ’Tis why we have decided to call y’all in this big party we’re throwing.

We can meet, share a toast, dance the hempen jig. Ye wanna join? Sure, I’ll give ye the specifics:

D’ye know Gen Con? Aye, this big convention in the geek land of Indianapolis? Well we’ve siezed a space, located in the Stadium Club in Lucas Oil Stadium, for Friday August 4th. We’ll be there for 4 hours, from midday to 4pm, and Admiral John D Clair will be joining us too.

We’ll need yer help, buccaneers!

Space is limited for this event; we have room for a few dozen tables.

We’re going to let the rest o’ the world know that they can send their crews down to the Stadium and play Dead Reckoning with the old salts. We’re hoping to have a room full o’ Sea Dogs by the end! This is not a “learn to play” event; it’s for able sailors with some experience!

Aye, there are some great tales to be told with this one. Ye’re gonna meet other seamen, tell your yarns, live new adventures! Bring yer game and help us make the greatest Dead Reckoning event ever!

If ye help us with this, yer effort will not go unrewarded! D’ye know the Letters of Marque? The new saga for Dead Reckoning coming August 9th to Kickstarter? Ye’ll go home with a prototype made from scratch of the new game system from the upcoming campaign! We’re also gonna have some long clothes, those “t-shirts” that they wear in the land of Indianapolis. Ye find the prey, we bring the pay!

What ye think buccaneers?

Shiver me timbers! We’d love to see ye!

If ye want to give us a hand, then use the Gen Con Event Scheduler to secure a GM Ticket for this event Today!

(Please note, this event has a $4 ticket fee; all GMs will be provided with a $10 coupon for use at the AEG exhibition booth to offset this cost)

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