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BackerKit does not have the capability to allow us to split shipments into multiple cartons and charge the correct shipping amount per carton. Therefore we limit the maximum weight of orders to something within the reasonable delivery capacity of the carriers and the recipients. For most campaigns that is around 600 ounces (which is almost 40lbs or 18kg).

If you are working with an order on BackerKit and the weight exceeds this limit, at the checkout page you will see a ridiculously high shipping charge. This is your indication that the weight has exceeded the maximum limit and you’ll need to split your order into multiple orders.

BackerKit allows you to do this. Once you have reduced the weight of your order below the maximum weight limit threshold and completed the checkout of your partial order with a rational shipping fee, you can use the pre-order system to make additional orders. You can do this as many times as necessary to order everything you wish, with each order having a weight under the maximum.

To access the pre-order system for one of our Kickstarter campaigns, the easiest route is to visit, find the campaign on the list and click the link provided to make a Late Order. You can use the same email address you used on previous orders if you wish. If you have created multiple orders and you need help with one of them, be sure to tell our team that you have done so when you contact us – that will speed up the process of helping you!

If you have questions or concerns about this requirement please email and we’ll be happy to help!