At this time, our development pipeline is full and we’re not reviewing outside submissions. This page is retained so that in the future it can be reactivated if we wish to resume reviews.

Thank you for considering Alderac Entertainment Group as the publisher of your game design. To help pre-screen submissions, please be aware of the following:

AEG is NOT currently looking for the following kinds of games:

  • Collectible card games
  • Miniatures war games
  • Roleplaying games (traditional; featuring multiple books, supplements & adventure modules)
  • Games with “adult” themes (sex, gore, profanity, bathroom humor)
  • Games for children under the age of 10
  • Sport simulators (i.e. wrestling, soccer, baseball, etc.)
  • Two-player fighting games (i.e. a game where the players build a fighter or team of fighters and try to defeat one opponent)
  • Giant Fighting Robots (i.e. a game primarily featuring mechs or armored battle suits that fight for territory or objectives)
  • Games requiring a license for a mass media property (a movie, TV show, comic book, etc.)
  • Games with required digital components (e.g. a game that requires the use of an app, or an online system to play)

Games AEG is VERY INTERESTED in considering:

  • Large format adventure games with a richly developed world and extensive adventure content (e.g. Gloomhaven)
  • Board games comparable to successful games in the $40-$60 MSRP price range (e.g. Tiny Towns, Wingspan, Cascadia)
  • Games with complex or hard to manufacture components
  • Games that take a game mechanic or play pattern that is successful and develop that idea into a new gaming concept (e.g. Dominion)

AEG does not sign non-disclosure agreements. Due to the high volume of game pitches we receive we cannot be responsible for any similarities between a game that you may pitch to us and a game we may publish or develop; by submitting this form you agree to release AEG from any potential claim of infringement on any intellectual property right you may own in the submission.

Our team reviews submitted concepts regularly but has a large backlog. It may take several months before we have reviewed your submission; we do our best to reply to the submissions we receive in a timely manner but that is not always possible. We will contact you if we are interested in discussing your game further; we may not contact you if we do not have an interest in the game (although we’ll do our best to do so).

Things you can do to enhance your proposal:

  • Having the game available in Tabletop Simulator or a similar tool will be very helpful if we want to evaluate the game further
  • A short (<5 minute) YouTube video can be very helpful for us to quickly evaluate the state of your game and its core concepts
  • Your sell sheet and video should tell us who the player is (in the game); what the core game mechanic(s) is/are; how the game is won (if the answer is “have the most victory points” tell us what triggers the end of the game); and what the coolest thing that happens in your game is and how that cool thing happens
  • Don’t worry about art and graphic design – in 99% of cases we will commission all the visuals for a game we publish once we’ve decided to publish it
  • Do worry about having a clear set of rules that have been playtested; we want to see games that can actually be played not just concepts or rough ideas
  • Don’t worry about the brand or theme of your game; in many cases we will work with you if we decide to publish your game to select a brand or theme that has the most market value for the window when the game will be published
  • Do spend some time teaching your game to people who don’t know how to play it; if we decide to talk to you further about your game the first thing we’ll likely do is have either a virtual game or a game over videoconferencing where you’ll teach our team the game and we’ll play a few turns