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Do you have a title signed for publication, and you wonder what the next steps are and how you can reach gamers all around the world? We are here to help!

Each publisher and project are unique, so our services will be fully tailor made to your needs, through our boutique – scope approach. By joining the AEGIS network, we guarantee that we will be with you every step of the way, whether you need a partner who can assist you with your planning through  consultation, or someone with a hands-on approach, who can use their expertise and successful network to help you produce great quality games that reach gamers worldwide. 

So, let’s start!

Let's go to Japan game setup

Show us your game! 

Talk us through your wonderful creation and let’s see what exactly it is you are looking for. Is it production, localization, project management, or a mix of all?


We evaluate…

Our team will combine all the information that you gave them, and assess your project’s potential performance and fit for our partner network, while always providing relative feedback.

A cartoon woman on the right making an evaluation of data sheets on the left

So that we can…

Three people collaborating remotely. This is simulated by two people sharing their work through a screen

Work together!

It’s the start of a great journey! There are several areas that we can work together, such as:


From consultation on how to deal with your printer, to full takeover of the production process


Bring your game across the globe through our 150+ partner network in 30+ different languages (in 2022)

Project Management

Be involved in handling the specifics as much as you desire.

They trust our expertise!

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Full Smash Up Collection (Base, Bigger Geekier, and all available expansions and factions).

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45% off on the entire store

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Get Fun to your home with Flatout games! This deal includes Calico, Verdant. Point Salad, Truffle Shuffle and TEN

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Not a fan of Big Boxes? This deal is for you That Old Wallpaper, Point Salad, Cat Lady, Dog Lover, Truffle Shuffle and TEN

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Big Party, Big deal! Get Wormholes, Whirling Witchcraft, Point Salad and That Old Wallpaper for your next game night!

Whirling Witchcraft and That Old Wallpaper

"W" is for Win and for Whirling Witchcraft, That Old Wallpaper!

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Mystic Mania

A must have deal for all Mystic Vale fans! Get Mystic Vale Essential Edition and 8 Custom Card Sleeves

Cubitos, Sheepy Time and Whirling Witchcraft

Get 3 awesome games Cubitos, Sheepy Time and Whirling Witchcraft!


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In AEG we love animals, so this deal includes Cat Lady, Dog Lover, Calico, Sheepy Time for all Animal fans out there!

Captain is Dead

The captain is dead is an AEG Clasic Co-Op game

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