Thank you for contacting AEG’s Customer Service. Our goal is to help you resolve any issue that you may have with one of our games or promotions.

Please fill out the following form completely. When asked for details the more specific you can be about the nature of your issue the faster we will be able to resolve it. Our goal is to be able to satisfactorily fulfill inquiries for help without having to request additional information from you, but if that proves necessary our team will email you to get the information they need.

Please be advised that due to the global pandemic our customer service processes are highly impacted. The speed that we are able to respond to requests is reduced, and the amount of time required to respond has increased. Additionally, please be aware that demand on the Postal Service has increased delivery times for components sent through the mail, both domestically in the United States and internationally, and that after we transmit a replacement component we do not usually have the ability to determine why it is stalled within the Postal System; our standard policy is to wait as long as necessary for the shipment to arrive unless we’re able to determine that it has been lost by the Postal System. We apologize for these delays which are entirely out of our control.