Thanks for your interest in Dead Reckoning, designed by John D Clair.

Dead Reckoning is sold direct by AEG via crowdfunding campaigns and our online store. The next campaign for Dead Reckoning is scheduled for the middle of 2024. We’ll email all the participants on the Dead Reckoning Mailing List with more information when the campaign begins.

By signing up for our marketing newsletter and notification about Dead Reckoning we’d like to thank you by gifting you a fun promotional item. These items are one per person; first-come, first-served; and limited to quantities on hand. To receive your promotional item, please go to the Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) booth in the Pax Unplugged Exhibitors Room and show your certificate to an AEG staff member at the Dead Reckoning kiosk. You’ll receive your certificate via email, and after completing the form you’ll also be taken to a web page displaying the certificate.

Due to the expected high volume of demand we cannot gift more than one promotional item per person at the show. Each person must pick up their promotional item in person and each person must show their own certificate.