This year the 2016 AEG Black Box is going to be an event of world-twisting proportions. The Black Box contains one game, a game in development for a decade at AEG. A game unlike any you’ve played before.

To get this game you must get the 2016 AEG Black Box on Black Friday (November 25th).


The most recent Smash Up Expansion is Cease & Desist, on sale now!



Love Letter Premium releases in November, with preview sales at Essenspiel in October


The hit game of the summer is on sale now!


Releasing in October

Fantahzee is a card & dice game. Protect the town of Devil’s Burden from the approaching Horde! Roll dice, then keep some and re-roll others to form sets and series.

Mystic Vale Vale of Magic is the first expansion for AEG’s 2016 Best Selling game!

Eight Epics is the newest game from Seiji Kani, designer of Love Letter.

Doomtown: Reloaded Blood Moon Rising is the final Pine Box release from AEG.

Yeti is an import from Europe. Climb a spectacular 3D mountain but don’t get caught by the Abominable Snowman!