Recruiting: Dead Reckoning Crew for Pax Unplugged 2023

Dead reckoning logo with transparent background

The Dead Reckoning Team is working on the next Dead Reckoning content and they’re ready to preview it to the public! Pax Unplugged (December 1st through the 3rd) will be the first time this new Dead Reckoning material will be shown to anyone outside the AEG design team!

We have just delivered the Letters of Marque campaign to Kickstarter backers. The next Kickstarter for Dead Reckoning will run in the middle of 2024. We want to capitalize on the excitement of the delivery of Letters of Marque and start building awareness about the new content coming next year. Pax Unplugged is a perfect opportunity to do that.

The AEG booth at Pax Unplugged will have a stand-alone Dead Reckoning Kiosk which will draw attention. That Kiosk will feature a display of Dead Reckoning and we’ll have Dead Reckoning Team members there to describe the game and answer questions; people who use a QR Code to subscribe to the Dead Reckoning mailing list will get a special promotional item. There will also be a gaming table in the booth where we will run scheduled Dead Reckoning games featuring the new content! We are also going to have several prototypes of the new content available to be “checked out” from our booth by players who have brought their own Dead Reckoning games to the show.

Signups for the Dead Reckoning Team for Pax Unplugged are closed.