pitch project 2021 - news cover 01

We recently launched the entry information for an AEG Pitch Project.  For the next 3 months AEG is closing the normal submissions process and running a PITCH PROJECT for members of our designer forum.  What is the PITCH PROJECT?  The first PITCH PROJECT was the brainchild of Jay Cormier andRead More →

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  WE ARE GOING TO BUY TSR! TSR was an American game company and the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons. The company has a colorful history but the only information relevant to this story is that in 1997 TSR had major financial difficulties.  In fact, it was facing insolvency.  BobRead More →

cascadia press release - news cover 01

Cascadia Press Release Flatout Games and Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) announce AEG’s participation in the production and sales of Cascadia. Flatout Games has followed up their smash hit Calico with Cascadia – A puzzly tile-laying game featuring the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest designed by Randy Flynn withRead More →

We are sad to say that this week we are packing up the AEG Larkstone house in Orange. We are happy to say that later this month we will be opening up Larkstone 2 in Vegas. While we pack up we are going to share some memories and try to thank everyone who made this first gaming house so much fun.Read More →