Ashbrow’s roots are broad and deep. Along with simple water and nutrients, they have been drinking the deep magicks of the world for generation upon generation. But the surge of elemental power from the Eruption has created something new.Read More →

Ashbrow is a tree, and a very ancient one at that. In order to rescue Ashbrow from the dark disease that is slowly draining the life from him, Champions will need to become very small in order to enter his realm.Read More →

I have lost only one night of sleep over work in the 28+ years I have been making games. It was the night we were waiting to see if Love Letter got nominated for the Spiele Des Jahres. Before the nomination I knew I was excited but did not think I was not emotionally invested in the nomination.Read More →

There are a number of various creatures that have come to call Ashbrow home for millenia. Ants, spores, even ghosts can be found throughout these “lands.” But arguably the most advanced among them are the fairies.Read More →

Nature’s Wrath starts to unlock the secrets of the Guardian Keys, which contain powerful Thunderstone magic tied to the elemental forces of the world. As each is found, they offer Champions new abilities to strengthen their heroes and challenge even the greatest threats.Read More →

The legend of the Deck of Spirits has grown over the centuries. It tells of a coven of witches that sought to pass their power onto the next generation. So they bound their souls to a series of cards that their sisters could draw power from. However, as the cards were imbued with their power, they also took on their personalities.Read More →