That’s the point of Big Game Night. AEG wants to create a fun event to make sure that you have the chance to play great games with friends old and new. Take a few hours out of your busy Convention schedule to just enjoy some gaming.

Big Game Night is four hours (plus) of gaming entertainment hosted by AEG. You’ll be assigned to a table and you’ll have access to a helpful GM who can explain rules and help you with setting up and getting started. A huge library of games is available that includes AEG’s most recent games as well as beloved classics.

Big Game Night features special events, raffles, and AEG Labs where you can test and give feedback on games in development.

Participants receive a special Thank You gift for being a part of the experience which consists of several games and special packaging. The contents are always a surprise!

For 2017, the Participation Reward will comprise 3 never-before-published games as well as a special surprise fourth game!

This year, Big Game Night will be featured at the following Events:

If you would be interested in helping as a GM (GM’s get the Participant Reward for free!) Please email