Deepwood Defenders

Designer: Mike Elliot
Twitter: @Elliott_Games

The next Thunderstone Quest expansion takes your adventure into the Deepwood Forest.

Nature’s Wrath pits you against Kar’nomal, a shaman that has become fed up with the impact of civilization upon the realm of nature. He and his followers seek to control the elemental forces of the world in an effort to let the wilderness in all its forms reclaim the entire world and all life in it. He will seek to strike at the Village, punishing all except those in step with the Elements.

Rotten Roots introduces Filleath, a brownie that has always felt he was destined for more, but it seems he’s always lived in the shadow of greater creatures, especially Ashbrow, the great tree guardian of Deepwood. A new pact with a being from the Abyssal lands will bring an end to all that. Now armed with dark powers, he will spread a blight that puts the entire forest in jeopardy.

It is never late to begin your quest for the Thunderstone shards. This is as good as time as ever to get the base box for one of the greatest deck building games and complement it with any of its expansions. See below what the Deepwood has in store for you.

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Thunderstone Quest is a deck building game of heroic adventure!

You will form a party of heroes, equip them with weapons, spells and magic items, and send them into the Dungeon to fight terrifying monsters, gaining more power and abilities.

Along the way you will find Guardian Keys; when a complete set has been uncovered the fearsome Guardian will manifest for the Final Battle!

Thunderstone Quest was released in 2017 on Kickstarter and has been featured in four previous Kickstarter campaigns. In 2022, the fifth Kickstarter for the game will run in May, featuring an all new Base Game, and 2 new Quests. Following that Kickstarter, players will be able to buy each previous Quest in its own box ala carte in the Pledge Manager and our online store.

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