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To Do What We Must: Decisions, Decisions

By Seth Anthony, October 24, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

In early May, we announced “To Do What We Must,” the interactive L5R novel slated for 2016, helmed by Robert “Spooky” Denton with input from fans just like you. One of the ways fans are able to interact with the Novel and its… Read More »

2014 South American Championship: 12/6/14 – Santiago, Chile

By Dan Dineen, October 23, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

Greetings Samurai of Rokugan! We are happy to announce the location of the 2014 Pacific Rim Championship! The Tournament Organizer for this event is Oscar Cooper, and for questions pertaining to the event he can be contacted at: The location… Read More »

The New Order Tournament Legality

By Seth Anthony, October 17, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

The New Order, the next expansion for the L5R CCG, will become tournament legal on the day it goes into full release – November 24, 2014. The set will release in Stronghold Stores two weeks prior to that date on… Read More »

Planes Designer Diary: or How A Round Trip Starts With A Spark

By John Goodenough, October 17, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Planes, Uncategorized

Designer David Short has kindly provided us with a look into the development Planes. Click here to check out the featured article.  

Essen Day 1 — Wow!

By John Goodenough, October 16, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Doomtown, Empire Engine, Love Letter, Planes, Sail to India, Trains, Valley of the Kings

AEG’s busiest day ever at Essen. Not only did we have demo table spaced with players the whole day but players came to buy games and it has been awesome. First, big kudos to the German Team! Essen gets bigger… Read More »

L5R Fan Needs Your Support

By Seth Anthony, October 13, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

The L5R Community is known for rallying around its fans in times of trouble and need. One such fan is Cory Mills, a long time L5R player and lynch pin in the L5R RPG World, where he has been a… Read More »

New Strongholds on the Imperial Assembly

By Seth Anthony, October 13, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

As previewed at L5R Worlds in Sheffield, England, this past weekend, the new Twenty Festivals (the title of the set colloquially known as “Ivory 2″) Strongholds have been posted over ont he Imperial Assembly. You can find them here:

Valley of the Kings Card Supplement

By John Goodenough, October 10, 2014 Comments Off AEG News, Uncategorized, Valley of the Kings

The actions on the Valley of the Kings cards are intended to be self-explanatory. When questions arise, you may consult the official card supplement for clarifications. Click here to download the PDF.

Get News from L5R Worlds Via Social Media

By Seth Anthony, October 10, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

L5R Worlds 2014 is under way in Sheffield, England. You can keep up with all of the latest news via social media at and on Twitter at Also, the Worlds event will be streaming on, so you can watch some… Read More »

User Group News on the Imperial Assembly

By Seth Anthony, October 9, 2014 Comments Off Uncategorized

We’ve posted some more information on the L5R User Group on the Imperial Assembly. Click here to read more!