War Chest: Nightfall, not all battles are won by grand armies on large fields or in defensible castles.

In some cases, more subtle and perhaps deadly tactics are used. From fake letters and treaties, feigned retreats or advances, poisoned water supplies, assassinations and infiltration, many things can happen in the dark to throw an enemy into disarray before the main battle ever starts.

In War Chest: Nightfall, you will have the opportunity to use specialized units to hamper and hinder your opponent’s attempts to effectively mobilize their forces. Mastering the art of subterfuge will be key to success with this new and exciting expansion for the classic War Chest strategy and tactics game!

Game Info

Players: 2 OR 4 players
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 30 – 60 minutes



Unit Cards
Unit Coins
Decoy Coins
Poison Counters

Retailer Info

SKU: AEG 1019
UPC: 7-29220-01019-3
MSRP: $24.99
Case Count: 6


The Siege of Troy
Possibly Circa 1194–1184 BCE

The legendary Trojan war lasted for approximately 10 years. The forces of King Agamemnon of Greece gathered at the port of Aulis for the expedition to Troy, according to legend, in revenge for the elopement of his brother’s wife Helen with the Trojan prince Paris.  The gathered forces are likely to have been composed of spear & sword infantry with a small number of elite royal chariots.

Troy, a vassal kingdom of the mighty Hittite empire, possibly situated in modern-day Turkey, was said to be in a highly defensible coastal position, and whilst outnumbered, the Trojans had high walls and archers, together with elite chariot and spear units.

The epic tales of the Iliad and Aeneid speak of many heroes during this conflict. Most notably Hektor, son of King Priam, who was defeated in single combat by Achilles, who was later slain himself by a poisoned arrow shot from the bow of Paris through his ankle.

Perhaps the most iconic tale from this mythical battle is that of the deception of the wooden horse devised by Odysseus. A small group of elite Greek skirmishers, including Odysseus, hid inside the huge construct-offering, while the Greek fleet feigned sailing away.  The Trojans wheeled it into the city, believing it to be a victory trophy. Later that night as they slept, the Greeks inside the horse exited and opened the city gates for the now returned Greek army, and Troy was sacked.

Greek Units: Infiltrator, Swordsman, Skirmisher, Royal Guard
Trojan Units: Assassin, Pikeman, Archer, Cavalry
Optional: Add one random Siege Fortification Map Card

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